“Most sophisticated attack seen” – easily avoidable by not opening unknown PDF

Dec/28 By

Saw yesterday at 9to5mac.com :
‘Most sophisticated’ iPhone attack chain ‘ever seen’ used four 0-days to create a 0-click exploit.

A glance at the attack chain shows you even this “most sophisticated hack”… Read More

Every Windows update is a giant ad

Sep/28 By

Turned on a Windows 10 Pro PC this morning and spent a few minutes clicking through the latest “Switch to Edge” , “Sync Your Phone”,  “Turn on some other service” BS.  Not a huge waste of time, but it still sucks that we’re getting used to it. There is a reason virtually every other machine in my office is NOT Windows . . . Read More

Screw Intuit and Quickbooks. Seriously, screw them twice.

Jul/12 By

I have a 90+ year old client trying to maintain LOCAL Quickbooks accounts which he has maintained for decades. In the last two years, Intuit has FORCED him to…


Feb/10 By

In tech, the old adage “You Get What You Pay For” isn’t always true.   You can find great values right before a new model comes out and you can pay a premium to be on the bleeding edge of a new feature that wont matter in a year or two. That said,

Stupid Paypal Payment Links

Mar/10 By

Hard to believe in the age of phishing and scam emails, Paypal sends emails with links like this one and expects users to click them. https://www.paypal.com/myaccount/claim-money?em=payments%40srosystems.com&txn_id=2P0264257X02456E&ppid=LLM090412&cnac=US&rsta=en_US(en_US)&cust=&unptid=a51cbe90-4164-11f9-8216-441fa14ea910&t=&cal=a91602e9c027e&calc=c91672e9b017e&calf=a922112bec027e&unp_tpcid=email-standard-transaction-reminder-unilateral&g=null&unilat=null&trid=null&errc=null&emsub=Reminder:%20$101.00%C2%A0USD%20from%20My%20Customer&encrem=null&ennm=null&tems=2019-03-03%2010:25:32.599&page=main:consumer:email:unilateral:open:::&pgrp=main:consumer:email:unilateral&e=op&mchn=em&s=ci&mail=sys

Windows 10 reboot loop

Jan/28 By

Windows 10 reboot loop.  Always boots into startup repair, but “Startup repair cannot repair your PC”. We documented this thirteen times in 2018… in a community with only a few thousand residents. 

HP Laptop 15-DA0014DX: No sound after Windows Update

Oct/29 By

Is your HP laptop 15 sound gone after a Windows 10 update? Don’t bother contacting HP support. They’ll give you the usual “re-install the operating system” nonsense. That MIGHT get

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