HP Laptop 15-DA0014DX: No sound after Windows Update

Posted by on October 29, 2018

Is your HP laptop 15 sound gone after a Windows 10 update? Don’t bother contacting HP support. They’ll give you the usual “re-install the operating system” nonsense. That MIGHT get sound working again, but it will also waste hours of your time and you may still lose audio if the driver is updated again.

The root cause is the Realtek audio chipset is being incorrectly identified by the operating system as Intel HD Audio. HP factory technicians patched this for shipping, but they or Realtek didn’t bother notifying Microsoft.

If your laptop shows “Realtek” audio in the specs, but you see “Intel HD Audio” in device manager, you can re-install the audio driver manually as follows:

– Open Device Manager, right click “Intel HD Audio” driver under “Other Devices” and select “Update Driver”.
– Select “Browse My Computer for driver software”, then “Let me pick from a list of available drivers”.
– On “Select the Driver you want to install”, uncheck “only show compatible” and locate “Realtek High Definition Audio”.
– Windows displays a warning that the driver may not be compatible. IGNORE and install anyway.

In our customer’s case, audio was restored without so much as a reboot… far from the destructive factory reset HP support advised!

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