Screw Intuit and Quickbooks. Seriously, screw them twice.

Posted by on July 12, 2021

Ranting about this . . .   You can’t say ‘screw’, ‘f*ck’ (or derivatives) in Intuit’s forum, so the more appropriate title goes here.

I have a 90+ year old client trying to maintain LOCAL Quickbooks accounts which he has maintained for decades.

In just the last two years:

1) He was forced to upgrade to a more recent Quickbooks version because his client did.  The client may have had reasons, but it’s also likely Intuit forced the upgrade by disabling/changing something.  They did this to us and we refused (we still use QB 2007).

2) When creating files with the new version, he was suddenly and without logical reason REQUIRED to set a password for a company file ONLY HE WOULD EVER ACCESS on a LOCAL PC.

3) A year later, he went back to open files he created the previous year and Intuit suddenly REQUIRED not only he enter a company file password he didn’t want; but that he must now also login to an Intuit online account . . . TO ACCESS A LOCAL FILE!

This 90 year old man used to simply double-click to open a client’s company file.  Now he must perform two additional AND POINTLESS steps to do exactly the same work.  Worse yet, the additional steps don’t work.  When logging in to the Intuit online account, Intuit forces him to to get a code by email . . . and again by phone EVERY TIME.  He never asked for 2FA (or for an online account at all). Why is Intuit requiring 3FA? (answer: cheap offshore developers who don’t write good code).

As so many others have said, Intuit forcing these additional steps on customers provides ZERO SECURITY VALUE to a desktop user.  What Intuit has done is make sure this super nice 90 year old man has multiple IRRELEVANT and USELESS tasks he must complete before opening a LOCAL FILE with Quickbooks DESKTOP.  The purpose?  Pretty obvious.  Intuit wants out of the desktop software business.  They ONLY want to provide SAAS with a monthly fee.  Forcing users to login to an online account to open a local file is certainly intended as a ONE WAY DOOR toward the online version.

Want to guess what my advice is to a few thousand support clients? If you have an older version of Quickbooks and don’t do Payroll, don’t dare upgrade Quickbooks unless you have no other option.  INTUIT DOESN’T CARE.  This thread at Intuit being repeatedly ignored or misunderstood by Intuit is proof.

/end rant

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