Every Windows update is a giant ad

Posted by on September 28, 2023

Turned on a Windows 10 Pro PC this morning and spent several minutes clicking through the latest “Switch to Edge” , “Sync Your Phone”,  “Turn on some other service” BS.  Probably not my worst waste of time today, but it still sucks that we are all starting to get used to it.

There is a reason virtually every other machine in my office is NOT Windows (mix of Linux, OSX, IOS, Android, Raspian, etc.) and it’s definitely getting harder to justify keeping Windows on my desktop.  In fact, I wager if I didn’t do tech support I probably wouldn’t be using Windows at all.  That’s a big statement since I’ve been using it for something like 30 years.

If this were a FREE operating system, I would not complain . . . but the crazy part is none of the actually free operating systems I use do this even remotely as egregiously and they’re all surviving just fine.  WHY, MICROSOFT?


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