Windows 10 reboot loop

Posted by on January 28, 2019

Windows 10 reboot loop.  Always boots into startup repair, but “Startup repair cannot repair your PC”.

We documented this thirteen times in 2018 . . . in a community with only a few thousand residents.  Almost every time there is a different solution, but the root cause generally seems to be “Windows ATE ITSELF”.    I would love to dig long enough to find the actual cause in each case, but I don’t charge my clients for all that time.   Here are some possible solutions, in order of EASE/TIME.

– Try startup repair at least twice (startup repair should run automatically if you halt startup three times).
– Try system restore to a date before the last major windows update.
– Boot from recovery media and run startup repair from there.
– Remove drive, mount in good PC, run scandisk w bad block check.
– Run manufacturer disk utility to check for bad sectors.
– Run offline virus scan.
– Check logs for “random” (drivers, etc.) causes.
– Give up because there was nothing wrong with the disk and nothing in the logs. Re-install from last system image and restore backups.

Fortunately, we haven’t seen this in current versions of Windows 10.

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